About Owl & Eagle Health and Wellness

Holistic Psychiatry, Ketamine Treatments and TMS located in Golden and Greenwood Village, CO and serving Denver, CO

The Owl and The Eagle
The Owl and The Eagle 

The Owl is a symbol of intuition, insight, and wisdom, and the Eagle represents resilience, courage, hope, and healing. At Owl & Eagle Health and Wellness, we can help you find and develop these strengths in yourself, so you can achieve optimal mental health and happiness.

Who We Are

Owl & Eagle Health and Wellness is a holistic psychiatry practice with locations in Golden and Greenwood Village, Colorado. Our highly skilled team of doctorate and master's educated, board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioners and psychotherapists provide exceptional care that produces outstanding results.

Our Approach to Care

Our holistic approach to care means we treat you as a whole person, taking your physical, emotional, social, and psycho-spiritual needs into consideration. Our goal is not just to reduce the severity of symptoms, but to address the underlying causes of mental health problems, resulting in deep, long-lasting healing.

We combine up-to-date psychiatric treatments including pharmaceuticals, ketamine, TMS, and psychotherapy with evidence-based integrative treatments such as nutritional interventions, hormone therapy, vitamins, herbal supplements, breathwork, yoga, and meditation.

Our providers are warm and welcoming, so you can relax and feel at ease as you start your journey toward mental wellness. We will listen attentively, ask good questions, and learn about your history, symptoms, and goals. We will partner with you to develop a treatment plan that respects your needs and preferences.

Want to Learn More?

We provide free 10-15 minute phone consultations, so you can learn more about our services, our providers, and our approach to treatment.

We offer appointments via telehealth and in-person at our locations in Golden and Greenwood Village. Contact Us for more information or Book Now to schedule a visit today!  We look forward to meeting you.